Where To Hit Starter With A Hammer


Where To Hit Starter With A Hammer

If your car failed to start and you don’t know where to hit starter with a hammer. Read on to find out more info.

Sometimes your car might refuse to start when ignited resulting from a bad starter, imagine waking up late one Monday morning and you’re already running late for work, you try to start and car and zoom off to work but your car won’t start, frustrating right?

Tapping a starter with a hammer can make the starter work again and get your car to start. However, you might also be wondering where to hit a starter with a hammer.

If you are in this situation then you are in the right place.

In this article, you will learn how to get your start to work by gently tapping it and also where to hit starter with a hammer.

Where to hit starter with hammer

When you have a faulty starter, you can often get it to start a few more times by tapping it with a hammer or any solid metal.

I usually tap directly on the solenoid area to have the graphite brushes get electric contact. 4 or 5 taps can do the magic. While one person will hold the key at the start position, I will gently tap the starter at the solenoid area to start. If the starter fails or can’t gain an electric current, I will tap by its side and it will work.

With this method, you can get your car started. But is just a temporary fix, not permanent.

How Does the Starter Work, Where To Hit Starter?

At the starter circuit control, when you insert your key to the START position and turn your ignition on, the solenoid is activated by the battery voltage which then powers the starter motor.

Also, the starter solenoid is responsible for propelling the starter gear forward so that it meshes with the engine flywheel.

When this happens, the starter motor turns the engine crankshaft attached to the flywheel and the engine will start.

There are brushes made of graphite which are seen inside the starter motor. These brushes do wear out as rust when many bristles are deposited on them.

When this happens, you will need to get the starter working again by tapping at the top with a hammer. Once attached, it will reactivate immediately.

Where Is the Starter Located?

You can find the starter under the left mound of cylinders beneath your driver’s area, it’s between the transmission and the engine. And it is appended to the mounting plates and held with a few bolts and two wires.

If you can’t locate the starter on your vehicle, use this guide to locate the starter on any car.

Where To Hit Starter With a Hammer

  • Most times, you can get the starter working again by tapping a hammer at the top. Though, it requires two people to fix a bad starter. One needs to hold the key at the START position while the other taps the starter.
  • Don’t use your force to hit the starter, it only needs gentle taps and the engine will start.
  • Fixing a starter this way fixes it for a short while, you might need your mechanic for a lasting solution.
  • After gently tapping on the starter, the rusted brushes will start functioning again because they can now receive an electric connection.
  • Lastly, you will need to have a mechanic fix your starter properly.

Bad Starter Symptoms

  1. Your car takes to crank.
  2. Your car may not start.
  3. You will often start and stop immediately.
  4. Anytime your car starts, the indoor light dims.
  5. You will hear grinding noise when you drive a car with a bad starter.
  6. Most times, your car’s engine will whirl but won’t start.
  7. And when you finally start your car engine, the starter won’t stop running.
  8. You will perceive smoke that scents like something are burning.

You have to note that Inside some starters are permanent magnets instead of electrically energized ones as in the days of old. A hard whack or use of aggressive force could crack the magnets and then a whole new starter would be required. Using a medium weighted tap is more than enough, as it doesn’t take an extraordinary amount of force to jar the brushes to contact the commutator. If you do not have a hammer handy, if you are away from home, use a heavy metal object like the tire iron in your car to give it a little tap. It just might save you the cost of a tow.

Frequently Asked Questions Where To Hit Starter

Can You Hit a Starter with a Hammer?

You can hit the starter with a hammer or any other solid metal. But don’t hit it with your full force. Remember, just a gentle tap and it will ignite again.

Where Do You Hit a Starter to Get It Started?

As indicated in the featured image above, hit the starter at the top or by its side to start your car.

Does Banging on a Starter Work?

Oftentimes, tapping the starter with a hammer will jolt the brushes which will lead it to proper contact with the commutator, thereby permitting electric current.

How Many Times Can You Tap on Your Starter?

With good tapping, your starter can start at four or the fifth taps.

What Does Tapping on Your Starter Do?

When stuck on how to start your car, gentle tapping at the top or sides can have your starter function again. With the hammer taps, the brushes will return to their previous position and gain contact with the electric current to start your car.

How Do You Know if Your Starter Is Bad?

You can easily know when your starter is bad when you turn your car key or press the starter button, it will make an unpleasant noise. This sound is typically a sign of a bad starter. Also, sometimes the starter dies without showing any symptoms while on some cars, it keeps sounding their unpleasant noise till it dies. Though, when this happens to your car, you will know that something is wrong somewhere.

Why Do You Hit a Starter with a Hammer?

When you hit a starter with a hammer, the metal head of the hammer causes the graphite brushes of the start to reset to normal and reconnect with the electric flow.

So if you suspect that the motor brushes in your starter are stuck away from the armature preventing the starting motor from spinning, then by all means carefully, very carefully tap on it. You will want to deliver several sharp taps to the rear of the larger cylindrical section of the starter assembly. That is where the brush assemblies are mounted it does sometimes work! If you use a hammer, I suppose I’d recommend a small to medium ball peen of similar tool. However, they are located at the rear and off to one side of the underneath of the car. You can reach, but probably involves lying flat on your back, stretching, and blindly flailing about at first. This repair trick also works to start your fuel pump one more time if you rap the bottom of the fuel tank, that is the location of the fuel pump assembly inside of the tank. I hope that you find this helpful.

Final Thoughts

We believe we have been able to explain to you all you need to know about tapping your starter with a hammer to start your car. And have indicated above where to tap the hammer at the top or by its sides.

Also, with any other strong metal, you can gently tap the starter to remove the rusts that becloud the brushes.

In case you’re in an emergency and need to get your car to start, applying this method can save your day. Though this is not a lasting solution, that’s why you will need to visit a mechanic to have your starter properly fixed.

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