How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utility

Public Utility

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utility

Have you been curious about how many jobs are in the public utility sector? In this article, all job opportunities and career prospects in the public sector will be discussed. Without a doubt, the public utility sector stands as the stronghold of every society.

Boycotting the role of the public utility sector is not easily achievable. This is because they offer numerous essential services to the general public. As a result of this, the public utility sector is increasing rapidly. Thus, creating abundant opportunities for both new and experienced personnel in the sector.

On the part of securing a job in the public utility sector. you can either attend career fairs or choose to search online from the comfort of your home.

About Public Utilities in the U.S.

In the United States, the public utility sector has a huge impact on their prosperous economy. The public utility sector has contributed immensely to the rise of the United States economy in the 2022 economic calendar. Another positive impact of the sector is the availability of stable employment with good benefits. There are a lot of jobs in the sector and you will certainly find one that suits you.

Let’s check below to see how many jobs are available in the public utility that you can get.

Electric Power Utilities Sector

Without a doubt, every society depends so much on electricity for businesses to survive and thrive. The use and importance of electricity are too many and it is a very essential need for the development of every society. The electric power sector is subdivided into three other sectors. These are generation, transmission, and distribution.

Generation of Electricity: those in this sector work at electric power plants that generate electric power. In the United States, this sector has employed over 172,000 individuals.

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Transmission & Distribution Services: those who work in the transmission and distribution services sector are responsible for transmitting and distributing electricity to people who need it across the country. This sector also renders wholesale power sale services to big firms.

Biggest Companies in the Electric Power Transmission Industry in the U.S.

These are some of the firms where you can go for jobs in the electric sector. the big companies are in steady competition for market share and they help in creating most of the job opportunities in the electric sector. if you want to get a job in the public utility sector, you can check some of the companies listed below;

  • Exelon Corporation
  • Florida Power and Light Company
  • Southern California Edison Company

Water and Sewage Utilities Sector

Also in the United States, this sector is another sector that creates job opportunities for the people. There are a lot of firms involved in this sector so they create a lot of job opportunities. their job is to keep the water resources clean and pathogen free.

The water and sewage utility sector has employed a lot of people in the United States. The firms in this sector are also responsible for wastewater treatment, treatment of plants, and wastewater collection and disposal. Oftentimes, they work alongside local government authorities to make sure that the rules and regulations guiding wastewater are followed duly. This is a good step in curbing the spread of diseases in the country.

You can find a job opportunity that suits you with good pay in this sector.

Natural Gas Utilities Sector

In 2020 alone, about 30.5 (Tcf) of natural gas was used in the United States. This makes the natural gas sector an essential contributor to the economic growth of the United States. There are so many job opportunities in this sector as the number of consumers increases rapidly, thus the need to serve everyone.

This means that if you are searching for a job in the public utility sector, you can venture into the public utility sector. You can check out a list of the sectors where you can secure a job below.

Natural Gas in the Electric Power Sector

In the electric power sector, natural gas is used to generate electricity and to produce thermal output for the people. In the United States, about 38 percent of all natural gas is used to generate electric power. The heat output from this sector is used to heat water, district heating, and other industrial use.

Natural Gas in the Industrial Sector

In the natural gas utility sector, you can also get a job in the industrial sector. As reported by the United States Energy Information Administration, there was a massive increase in the use of natural gas in October. The massive increment in the use of natural gas is a result of it being a good fuel for process heating which is what the industry deals with the most.

Natural gas burns efficiently in a clean manner and this makes it ideal for heating both large and small areas. There are a bunch of employment opportunities in this field because so many industries are switching over to natural gas for process heating.

Natural Gas in the Residential Sector

The residential sector is another sector that provides a host of job opportunities for people in the natural gas sector. In the residential sector, natural gas is used by a lot of people for numerous purposes. These may include cooking, heating, building, and even drying clothes.

There are so many job opportunities in this sector either as a reseller of natural gas to the immediate consumers or you can choose something else. There are a host of companies providing natural gas services to consumers.

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Natural Gas in the Commercial Sector

Natural gas is also a lucrative business in the commercial sector. These are people who use natural gas for commercial purposes like powering cars, heating water, generating power, and others. Natural gas is also used by companies for a host of commercial purposes.

Biggest Companies in the Natural Gas Sector

Reports from the consumption of natural gas in the United States show that ExxonMobil and Chevron are the leading producers of oil and natural gas. Despite fluctuations in production, these two companies still have major control of the natural gas market.

What is an Average Pay of a Utilities Worker?

As a worker in the public utility sector, you can earn about $82,171 per year. On average, those in this sector work for about 43.7 hours weekly. The above-stated salary is an estimate and varies from one company to the other.

Final Thoughts

If you seek a stable and well-rewarding job, then it is right that you consider the public utility sector. The salary and retiree benefits in this sector are one that you would like.

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