How To Add Notes To Android Lockscreen?

Add Notes To Android Lockscreen?

How To Add Notes To Android Lockscreen?

Students and journalists are always found scrabbling to unlock their iPhone or Android devices to take notes. Or type something based on the prevailing circumstances. Even in some great workshops, as a guest, we are seen trying to unlock our iPhone or Android to take note of the most vital aspect of the workshop guest speech. Now, we are landed on the question, how to add notes to the Android lockscreen?

So, this has been something that has happened to me even when I was in varsity and as I attended many programs when I became the chief accountant of Golden Olives Resort. I sorted ways to type while my android device is locked. On the quest, I came across something that worked which I will be sharing with you now on how to add notes to the android lockscreen.

So, on the application I set my hands on, I decided to merge these two practices and convert the lockscreen into a sticky note of sorts. On a lollipop, this is easy because notifications show up right on the lock screen.

But if you like using the notification bar often, you will find the pre-Lollipop notification bar useful for this purpose. Or you can use the third-party app I used to make notes on my Android lock screen which shows in the notification area.

Add Notes To Android Lockscreen?

To achieve this just as I did, we’re going to be using some powerful yet basic cross-platform programs you might already know or be using. If you’re not, consider this a good jumping-off point.

Pushing Notes With Pushbullet Notes To Android

Pushbullet is now an Android/iOS must-have. With Pushbullet, you can push links, notes, files, and even clipboard from PC to Android, Android to Android, Android to PC, and now to every device that’s Pushbullet installed (including iPhone devices).

Also, you can push notes to the same device having the Pushbullet. How did I go about it? All I have to do is go to the Pushbullet app, tap the + icon, select the Note option, on my device, type it the title and push it to add notes to the android lockscreen.

Add Notes To Android Lockscreen?


Add Notes To Android Lockscreen?

Since the Pushbullet comes in form of a notification, it’s only going to show 4-5 words. To make it clearer and quicker navigation, remove the detail between the title and the description. As the description will show up in the expanded notification as well (useful when you’re talking about a quick grocery list).

Notes To Android Lockscreen?

Notes To Android Lockscreen?

As I mentioned earlier, Pushbullet is a cross-platform and has a great Chrome extension. So, that being said, I can push notes to my Android/iOS lockscreen directly from the comfort of my laptop.

Add Notes To Android Lock Screen With IFTTT

IFTTT is a web-based automation tool that you can use on their Android App to add notes to the android lockscreen. Their new app which could be downloaded from Google Play Store, Do Note takes the IF part of the automation and makes it manual.

Notes To Android

Notes To Android

The app can push notes to Pushbullet. Once you have set it up, all you have to do is open the app, swipe over to the recipe (only 3 recipes are allowed in the app at once), type the text, and press the big action button to add notes to the android lock screen.

4 Fast Note-Taking Tips For Android And iPhone

Like what happened on the day I attended one of the Tony Robbins teachings in Florida. During his guest speech, he made me hint at a big business idea that what implementing. Yea, the statement came to me of a sudden and I grappled with my android device to record the little aspect that my memory was able to retain. Guess what? I forgot some of the things as he kept on speaking. Though, I took permission to see Tony Robbins after the workshop training.

What if I had something like a quick voice recorder on my android lock screen to tap and start recording at once, I wouldn’t have missed that out.

Notes To Android

So, what did I do after that encounter? I went on to search on how to add quick voice recording on my device as another way to assist me in such a fast scenario because am always from one city to the other attending seminars and workshops. So, on my search, I came across using Google Now to add quick voice memos, with the right settings in Android (KitKat is shown here).

So, here are the quick guides to record strokes of genius on your iPhone or Android phone—and ideally, without having to unlock your handset.

  1. Tell Google Now [Android]

Since in seminars the speaker is not waiting for anyone or he dictate lecture for students as they do in varsity or college, you will not have time to add notes to the android lockscreen. Now, what do you do? Just whisper it into Google Now’s ear.

Google Now is, of course, an enhanced version of Google’s mobile search app that does a particularly good job of following voice commands. For quick accessibility, you can set Google Now to work even when your Android phone is locked which will spare you the time of trying to capture what the speaker is saying.

You should know that allowing Google Now access from the lock screen will smooth the efforts of smartphone thieves looking to sift through your contacts or send messages from your phone. Take note of that.

How To Set Up Google Now

To properly setup Google Now on your android device, follow the steps below:

  1. You will need to enable some key settings.
  2. Start by unlocking your android device.
  3. Open Google Now (just tap the Google search box on your home screen, or launch the Google app in Applications.)
  4. Scroll to the very bottom.
  5. Tap the three-horizontal-dot icon, and
  6. Tap Settings.
  7. Now tap at the “OK Google” Detection, and
  8. Make sure the From any screenand lock screen options are both checked.
  9. Again, if allowing even limited access to Google Now from the lock screen makes you uneasy, this tip might not be for you.
  10. Next, lock your phone, wake it back up, and say “OK Google”—and no, there’s no need to unlock your device.

Say “Note to self: [your great idea].” When you do, Google Now records your voice notes and transcribes your thoughts, and then saves them to the note-taking app of your choice.

  1. Ask Siri to take down your thoughts [iOS]

Notes To Android

If you’re using an iOS device, iPhone, or iPad, you can command Siri to take a note for you.

To set this up, follow the step-by-step guides below:

  1. First, unlock your iPhone.
  2. Press and hold the Home
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Scroll to Passcode Lock.
  5. Here, flip the Siri switch to activate Siri while your iPhone or iPad is locked.
  6. Then speak to Siri and say “Note to self.”
  7. Siri will inquire about what you want to record, go ahead and speak.
  8. Are you done with the records?
  9. Tap the Confirm button, and Siri will save your transcribed thoughts to the iOS Notes app.

3. Tap thoughts into the lock screen [Android]

Notes To Android

Add the Google Keep widget to your Android phone’s lock screen, so you can take or speak notes on the go.

Do you want to type in your ideas instead of using the voice note on your Android? You can also add notes to the android lockscreen in another way than discussed above.

The hack to add Google Keep widget on your android lockscreen? It goes as follows:

First, let’s confirm that lock-screen widgets are enabled on your Android device. To check this.

  1. Unlock your Android device
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Navigate to Security.
  4. Check the box next to Widgets.
  5. Lock your phone.
  6. Click a button to activate the screen.
  7. swipe left or right from the edge of the display until you see a big ‘+’
  8. Tap on it, then unlock your phone.
  9. Scroll through the available widgets and locate find Google Keep
  10. Tap to add it to your lock screen.

You have successfully added Google Keep to your android widget.

To use the widget, follow the steps indicated here.

  1. Lock your Android device again.
  2. Swipe your android lock-screen apps.
  3. Tap in the top-left corner of the Google Keep widget to add a quick text note.

You can also use this tool to record voice memos when your android is locked by tapping the microphone icon.)

  1. Take a video selfie [iOS]

Maybe what you intended to do needs some twerks, and a voice memo may not be ideal for the present scenario.

Unfortunately, iOS devices don’t allow for easy access to lock-screen widgets as Android devices do. So, you can take video selfies as a solution for iPhone users.

Notes To Android

You can take a quick note using the video feature on your iPhone.

Why a video selfie, you ask? Because you can access your iPhone or iPad’s camera from the lock screen without having to unlock your device.

Simply swipe the camera shortcut in the corner of the screen, tap the red Record button, say your piece, then tap the button again.

Once you unlock your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to share the video via email or text message.

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