Can you mix 5w20 and 5w30?

Can you mix 5w20 and 5w30?

Can you mix 5w20 and 5w30?

It’s not bad if you mix 5W20 and 5W30 oil. But before mixing the oils, you should check if your car’s engine supports both oils. You should make sure the oil brands are the same. Failure to stick to this may cause an engine knock or severe damage to your car’s engine. Also, make sure the oils API service level are the same.

What Happens When You mix 5w20 and 5w30?

Before you mix 5w20 and 5w30 into your engine. Ideally, you understand the concept of oils.

According to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), the letter W means that both oils are multi-grade. And they are appropriate to apply during winter. That’s to say, you can apply them during low temperatures.

The figure that comes before the letter details that the oil viscosity is below 0°C. And the letters represent the viscosity at 100°C.

The oil, 5W30 is a multi-grade oil and can be applied during high temperatures. This is because of its high viscosity. You can use the oil during summer and when driving in a tropical region.

Even at that, isn’t bad to apply the oil during winter. But be rest assured that the 5W20 oil is better used in cold temperatures.

What Happens When You mix 5w20 and 5w30?

You can mix the two-oil depending on the prevailing circumstance. But know that you won’t see the effect at the moment. In a long run, oil mix can damage your engine. It can cause oil leaks, overheating, and even sludge formation in the engine.

So, you should only mix these oils in an emergency. Then flush the oil out when you have the right refill oil.

What Ratios Can You Mix?

Let’s say your car’s engine runs on 5W30 oil. And you want to top it up with 5W20 oil in an emergency. The ratio of the 5w20 should be small to the engine-recommended oil 5w30. Or you fill both oils in this manner. Fill the engine two times at 5w30 and one time at 5w20. This is for a car engine running on 5w30 oil.

Can You Use 5w20 Instead Of 5w30?

Since the viscosity of 5w20 oil is lesser than 5w30 oil. It will not be suitable to use and refill an engine running on 5w30.

Using 5w20 in an engine running 5w30 oil can not hold the high temperature it’s made for. And this will affect the engine’s operation.

You can mix 5W20 with 5W30 if your engine is compatible with both. Note that it’s improper to use 5w20 oil only in a car engine of 5w30.

Can You Use 5w30 Instead Of 5w20 On the Engine Running 5w20?

It won’t be a wise decision to use 5w30 oil in an engine running 5w20 oil. 5w30 oil is meant for high temperatures and it has high viscosity.  The oil will be thick for the processing of the 5w20 engine.

The 5w30 will likely cause your engine to overheat, increased wear and tear, and subsequently oil starvation. The lifespan will be reduced within a few years if you continue using 5w30 oil on an engine running 5w20 oil.

What Are the Differences Between 5w30 and 5w20?

The 5w20 oil is made for winter, i.e. low temperatures. While 5w30 oil is made for high temperatures. The 5w30 can also operate at low temperatures but not at the level of 5w20 oil would.

While operating at a lower temperature. The function will be minimal when paired with 5w20 oil. This is because of its higher viscosity making the oil thick. The thickness will make it difficult for a 5w20 engine to process.

The 5w20 oil has a low viscosity which makes it easier to penetrate engines. It can easily be circulated across the engine components. And when you drive your car at a higher temperature. 5w20 oil will not coat your engine appropriately because of its low viscosity. This will affect the engine’s lifespan.

The 5w30 oil is good at lubricating the engine parts and preventing any friction in the engine. When the engine experiences too much heat, it will become watery. This is where the 5w30 oil will also be put to work. Applying 5w20 oil on a watery engine part won’t have any effect. And the friction will be active and it can’t offer any form of protection to the engine.

At a normal terrain, it is nice to use the 5w20 oil. This is because oil leads to normal fuel economy. But applying 5w20 in an environment of higher temperature. And also, on car engine running on 5w30 oil. This will be a disadvantage to your car’s engine. The negative impact will not be visible soon. But your engine will have worn out over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will 5W30 Oil Hurt a 5W20 Engine?

Producers of car oils make sure they’re interoperability with every car engine’s model. But there are specifications for almost all oils. This implies on the engine can work perfectly and should mostly be used.  So, if your car engine runs on 5w20 oil. Applying 5w30 oil to the engine will harm the engine.

Furthermore, 5w30 oil is thicker. That makes the oil burn more fuel than the 5w20 oil. So, if you have been driving with 5w20 oil and applying the 5w30 oil. You will notice an increase in the fuel consumption of your car.

What’s the Difference Between 5w20 and 5w30 Oil?

What to know about 5w20 oil is that it has a low viscosity. And the 5w30 oil has a higher viscosity. Also, 5w20 oil is good for low temperatures and the winter period. While 5w30 is good for high temperatures. And the chemicals in the products vary with each other to produce the purpose behind their production.

Is 5w30 Good for Summer

It is advisable and nice to run the 5w30 oil during summer. This is because of its high viscosity and will be effective on your car.

Why 5w30 is recommended for summer because of its thick quality. Running 5w20 oil in summer will have the oil lean out. And your engine cannot be lubricated properly again.

You can prevent engine knock by applying the 5w30 during summer. Also, when you live and drive in a high-temperature area.

Is 5W20 Good for Summer?

The 5w20 will not have a significant effect on your car during summer if the engine is 5w30 specified. Unless the engine runs on 5w20 oil. The oil will be more effective because it is running on the specified engine. And it can lubricate the engine properly because that’s the engine’s oil makes.

Can I Mix 5w40 with 5w30?

You can as well mix 5w40 oil with 5w30 oil. The factor you should consider before mixing oil is the long-term effect on your car’s engine. Also, you should add a small of 5w40 to 5w30 oil when mixing the two.

This won’t have any present effect on your engine. Unless you continue this process in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Be informed that if your dealer did not approve the mixing of 5w30 oil and 5w20 oil. It may or will lead to the loss of your car warranty. This will be if the oil mix causes a problem on your engine.

And for mixing 5w30 and 5w20 oils, you can mix these oils. But you should make sure to mix oils from a particular brand. Just get synthetic oil for the smooth operation of your car.

As drivers, we know our car oil will overtime become weak. We will need to refill the oil with synthetic oil. Note also not to apply an expired oil or oil not specified for your engine. This will harm your car engine’s life.

Also, change your car filter when you have used it for the long run.

Lastly, you should mix 5w30 oil with 5w20 oil only in an emergency. Because subsequent use of the 5w30 oil on the 5w20 engine is erroneous. And this will harm your car over time.

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