Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired

How and Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired

How and Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired

If your iPhone or iPad has some technical faults and you’re at how and where to get your iPhone repaired. then this article is for you. There are many Apple, Staples, and independent repair shops for tech fixes across the country. And iPhone stores nearer to you.

What can you do?

iPhone Repair

There are some other options to utilize while staying at your home and getting your iPhone fixed. You can mail your Apple phone for repairs. Or you can also visit Staples for in-store repair. If you don’t like these options for fixing your bad iPhone, you can check out certified independent iPhone repair shops near you.

Which Option Should Get My iPhone Repaired?

First, you should know if your iPhone is still under warranty or if your phone has the AppleCare+ protection plan. If your phone is protected by a warranty, you will spend only $29 to fix your iPhone screen or $99 for other hardware-related faults.

But, if your iPhone is out of warranty and AppleCare+ plan is not on your device, then you will spend between $129 and $329 to fix your iPhone screen. Though, the cost can vary depending on your iPhone model. iPhone hardware fixes and repairs cost about $149 for an iPhone 4 and you can repair your iPhone 11 for $599.

Another option to utilize on where to get your iPhone repaired is at Staples. Though they are not an authorized Apple service center, there is an alternative to repairing your Apple device. For instance, Staples’s cost of replacing an iPhone battery can vary from $29 depending on your iPhone model. While screen repairs can cost up to $90 to $180.

There are other Apple repair independent repair shops nearer to you that may not be Apple authorized. They’re another option to get your iPhone fixed. The cost of these iPhone independent shops can’t be ascertained since they set their prices and their prices are more affordable than that of Staples or Apple center.

Get Your iPhone Repaired

iPhone Repair

Your new iPhone has a one-year cover for hardware repairs through a limited warranty. You can read the information on the warranty to know if your iPhone damage is covered. And AppleCare+ protection adds additional one-year protection to the warranty cover making it two years of hardware protection coverage and will also provide 24/7 tech support to you.

The AppleCare+ protection cost varies depending on your iPhone model, for iPhone SE goes at $99, and the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 cost about $129. While the iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6s Plus cost up to $149 and the iPhone x and higher will have you spend about $199.

AppleCare+ allows you for two incidents of accidental damage on your iPhone, each accidental damage cost $29 if it’s screen damage and $99 for non-screen damage. To get the extra two years of coverage for your iPhone, you can buy the AppleCare+ protection within 60 days from the day you bought your iPhone.

Check Apple Warranty Coverage

iPhone Repair

You can check your iPhone warranty status by visiting the iPhone support page and signing in using your Apple ID. Alternatively, type in the serial number of your iPhone under the sign-in tab. You can get the information by opening your iPhone, and going to Settings > General > About > Serial Number. Enter the number and the Captcha code, then click Continue.

Warranty Notification

iPhone Repair

Once you sign in, the new page will display your service and support coverage. So, if your Apple one-year warranty or the AppleCare+ protection is still valid, you will be lucky to pay according to warranty cost and if you’re not covered, you will pay the normal fee. Now, on the new page, at the Repairs and Services Coverage, tap on Set up a repair.

iPhone Repair

Choose What Is Wrong

iPhone Repair

Now select the problem with your phone on the page that will load by clicking on one of the support titles. If your iPhone fell and had physical damage, choose Repairs & Physical Damage.

Describe the Damage

iPhone Repair


On the next page, you will be requested to provide a piece of detailed information regarding the type of physical damage your Apple phone has. Let’s say the fault is a cracked screen. But you are to choose based on the damage your phone has, here, it’s just for educational purposes. So, we said to choose Cracked Screen.

Send in for Repair

iPhone Repair

The new page will inquire how you would like them to help you. Though, the information coming on this page will depend on the type of damage you reported. So, since we chose crack screen, that’s the screen-read for us. If you want to mail your iPhone to Apple, tap on Send in for Repair.

Enter Address and Payment

iPhone Repair

On this page, select your iPhone model and observe the estimate if it’s OK with you, confirm your address and contact details. You can choose between dropping off your device at UPS or letting Apple send you a box to ship it, then click continue. On the next page, input your payment information and pay for the repair. Once you have made the payment, click the Send in for Repair button and confirm the work.


Staples iPhone Repair

Staples as another iPhone repair center can be another option to go to when trying to get your iPhone repaired. You can walk into a Staples store and drop off your iPhone, when returning from work, you branch and pick up your fixed iPhone. With Staples, you can fix your cracked screen, change your battery, and also get your drenched phone recovered.

Suppose your phone fell into water accidentally, there are stores around your area that have TekDry machines to dry the phone within minutes. If your phone fell into water, you should take it to a store with a TekDry machine within 48 hours from when it fell inside water. Some stores charge from $40 to $100 to TekDry a phone. Luckily, you can get it fixed at $70 in some stores. With Staples, they will only charge you after successfully recovering the phone.

Also, all repairs done on Staples are covered with a one-year warranty on parts. Staples is best used when your iPhone is out of warranty. Though, they are not Apple certified center to fix iPhone devices.

Find a Location

Staples iPhone Repair

To start, open the Staples Phone Repair web page on your browser and click Find a Store.

Search for Nearby Stores to Get Your iPhone Repaired

Staples iPhone Repair

Choose your state and city in the space shown and click search to find Staples stores nearer to you. On this page, it’s also good to take a look at their FAQs to know more about their services. Once the page has loaded it displays all Staples stores nearer to you. Pick up your damaged iPhone and visit the store and go straight to the customer service (CS.) And complain to him/her of your device problem. They will call the engineer in charge of fixing your device issue. They will diagnose your iPhone and fix the fault or the cracked screen.

Also note, before going to the store. Dial the phone number displayed on the store address and know if they’re on working hours. And if they repair your type of iPhone model. And if your phone fell into water. Ask if they have a TekDry machine to ensure your trip won’t be in vain.

Independent Shops to Get Your iPhone Repaired

Staples iPhone Repair

Another option available to fix your iPhone is the local independent repair shops. Most of these independent stores are privately owned or chain stores. Also, some of them are authorized by Apple to fix Apple devices while others do that without any authorization. Don’t be misguided, even the unauthorized stores also have genuine Apple device parts to use and fix your device.

To locate an Apple or phone repair local shops around you. Check on google as many of these shops maintain a small online presence or use Google My Business. You can also utilize Google Map, Apple Map, or Yelp and search “Phone repair.” This will list numerous phone repair shops near you. You can see their customer rating before making your phone repair shop selection. Do not forget to put a call across to know their work hours. And if they can fix your iPhone physical damage issue or not before making any trip.

Final Thoughts on Where to Get Your iPhone Repaired

So far, that’s all the steps involved to find where to get your iPhone repaired. Hope we were able to help you. If your iPhone is disabled, you can get your use of our guide on how to unlock your disabled iPhone.

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