Ford Keyless Entry Code VIN Number

Ford Keyless Entry Code VIN Number

It’s not a new thing to see a driver lose their key and those who lock their key inside the vehicle. No matter how smart or your kind of person, you will at a time lose your key or lock it inside your car. Even if you own and drive a Ford with a keyless entry code. You will be left with no option but how to unlock your Ford car. On that note, we will disclose how to find Ford’s keyless entry code by VIN number.

Ford keyless entry codes are essential when you misplace your car key as you can use them to open your car. Even though it’s essential, if you don’t use keyless code often, you’re bound to forget the codes and there will be a few options to get back into your car.

Find Your Ford Keyless Entry Code By VIN Number

If you own a Ford Explorer or a Mercury Mountaineer, you might have tried out the Keyless entry code or are aware of it which is the entry pad fixed at the driver’s side door. It’s made of a five-button number keypad.

Every new Ford car featuring a keyless entry code has a preregistered five-digit factory code that you can use to reset every other code on the vehicle. As a new Ford Explorer owner, you can use the five-digit default factory code to set up a personal keyless entry code in case there’s an emergency, you can quickly get into your car and zoom off.

But your code will be of no use if you forget it and your car key is lost or locked inside the car.

Also, when an old Ford Explorer or car with a keyless code is sold, the first owner might forget to give you the keyless entry code. And you will need the default code to reset this and set a personal keyless code. But what if there’s no place to find the factory keyless code written down? What will be your next option?

If you’re in this situation, then there are a few options to walk around and get into the car.

Reset The Ford Keyless Entry Code

To get into your Ford, you can reset the keyless code. To do this, you will need to get the owner’s manual if you haven’t locked it up in the vehicle together with your key. If your owner’s manual is handy, get it and check for the default factory code. You will find it in the owner’s wallet card and it is kept in the glove compartment.

If you can’t get the owner’s manual or you have lost it, you can also find the default factory code on the label of the Remote Anti-Theft (RAP) module. You can see this on the left panel toward your car’s back. You can remove the panel with a screwdriver.

With The Factory Keyless Code

If you have gotten the factory code, it’s easier to reset the programmed key. To start, enter the five-digit factory code into the keypad on the driver’s side. After entering the five-digit keyless code, press the first two (1-2) digit keys within five seconds. Once these keys are pressed, your car doors should lock and unlock to confirm that you entered the correct code.

If your car doors didn’t lock and unlock when you pressed the first two-digit keys, you made a mistake while entering the default factory code, you will re-enter it. But if your car door lock cycle, then proceed to input a personal five-digit code within five seconds. At the last digit entry, your car doors should lock and unlock again to indicate that the keys have been accepted.

Note: The default factory keyless entry code cannot be overwritten. It’s only other personal keyless codes that you reset. You can also program new keys for different users if you are many using the car key. Check out how to program multiple personal keyless codes on your Ford car.

Call Your Ford Dealer (Ford Keyless Entry Code)

If you can’t locate your factory code on the panel because it has washed off or your owner’s manual has been lost, you can contact your local Ford dealer or mechanic to assist you. With the local dealer or a mechanic, they diagnose your car with technology to get your default code, beware that their cost of service is high. Therefore, you may resort to finding your keyless entry code by VIN number.

With their system, you can reset the personal key without needing the default keyless entry code and before they can proceed to do this, you have to prove you’re the real owner of the car for security reasons.

Locate Your VIN Number

VIN means Vehicle Identification Number. Every manufactured car has its VIN assigned and it’s like a social security number (SSN) for your vehicle.

The VIN is a single line containing 17 numerals and an alphabet without spacing. The letters O, Q, and I and excluded since they look like their numeric counterpart of zero and 1. The VIN number has vital information as regards your car. The information that could be deduced from your VIN could be your car manufactured year, car model, make, country of origin, manufacturer’s factory, and the serial number of the car.

The VIN number can be found at these places:

  • Under the hood (on the front of the engine block)
  • Driver’s side (interior dash)
  • Front end of the frame (more common on older vehicles)
  • Driver’s side door pillar

The driver’s dash is the fastest place to see the VIN. To see it, look through the windshield from the outside of the front car. You can see it embedded there.

Going through your registration documents, insurance card, or vehicle title papers, you can find the VIN as well. But the VIN seen on your car is the truest one.

Also, you can have a mechanic decode your VIN number and get the manufacturer’s number which will assist in retrieving your default factory keyless code as well as cut you a new key for your vehicle.

Also, if you don’t want to spend money decoding your VIN, you can use VIN online decoder to decode your car’s VIN. The VIN number reads from left to right, and passes the information as detailed below:

Digit 1: The location of the manufacturer

Digits 2 and 3: The manufacturing company

Digits 4-8: The type and size of the vehicle’s engine

Digit 9: The manufacturer’s security code

Digit 10: The model and year of the vehicle

Digit 11: The manufacturing plant

Digits 12 to 17: The serial number

You’ll Never Get Locked Out Of Your Car Again

Now you find your Ford keyless entry code by VIN and reset a personal code. It is important to know the information your VIN has. Why is very important to write it down somewhere. Again do you have somewhere to store a personal keyless code? This will help you to bounce back and pick it up should you forget it.

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