How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance


How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance

There are indeed well-rewarding and lucrative opportunities in the finance industry. The finance sector has many full-time and part-time job opportunities. You can get job offers as an accountant in established firms. Mini enterprise owners can also contact you for your services.

If you have become familiar with the finance industry, you can tell that multiple offers certainly will suit your interest. Now, let us move to the possible job offers that are available in the finance sector.


It is the job of an accountant to prepare and keep the financial records of a company. This is to ensure that the company complies with the necessary laws. In some companies, accountants are granted access to paychecks and to manage the payroll as well. They are the ones to oversee the company’s budgets and ledgers and fill out the company’s tax returns.

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However, accounting firms offer these services to those who need them. They can be individual business owners or an entire organization. Accounting firms are made up of accountants that are specialized in various fields of the finance industry.

Investment banker

An investment banker can simply be put to be a financial expert that is specific to investment banks. They are left with the responsibility of helping organizations and government sectors to raise capital, to execute mergers and acquisitions of merging companies. Investment bankers are also involved in managing initial public offerings (IPOs).

A lot of people and enterprises are involved in these aspects of the finance industry. This specifically creates opportunities for investment bankers to assist as middlemen.

For example, when an IPO is to be launched, investment bankers have the responsibility for the organization’s prospectus. The prospectus is legally binding and filed on behalf of a firm with the securities and exchange commission (SEC). This is done before the firm can offer stocks to the public. It is with the provisions of the prospectus.

Financial Advisor

Becoming a financial advisor is going to be a fun job for you if you enjoy working directly with families and individuals. A financial advisor or consultant is a person that helps individuals and families in making decisions concerning finance. A financial advisor is expected to be well-grounded in knowledge of various aspects of the finance industry. These aspects include mortgages, savings, investments, and retirement.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is an individual who works with fund lending agencies like banks and others in determining the creditworthiness of people and businesses in general. Job offers for financial analysts are expected to increase by 55% between 2019 and 2029. This is analyzed by the US Bureau of Labor statistics. This means a significant increase in job opportunities for financial analysts compared to other occupations.

It is the job of a financial analyst to analyze the financial statement of a business to know if the business is creditworthy or not. In big firms, a financial analyst is employed to analyze projects and assess investment ideas for the progress of the firm.


Reaching out to potential investors and expanding the base of a firm is always a top priority for financial institutions. To achieve this, marketers always need to get to the open community to implement their knowledge of marketing and proven results. People with enough knowledge in marketing as well as finance management will surely find this job offer interesting.

Junior tax associate

In the finance industry, this can be considered entry-level. When venturing into the finance industry newly, you can start your career as a junior tax associate. From here, you can broaden your knowledge about the finance industry. You can also gain better skills as a tax advisor and a host of others. Working as a junior tax advisor is worth it considering the experience and pay.

Financial Examiner

This job offer in the finance industry leaves the financial examiner with the responsibility of enforcing rules and regulations in a firm. This aspect of finance is expected to grow by 75% from 2019 to 2029. Your duty as a financial examiner is to make sure that the firm that you work with obeys new financial and tax regulations. A financial examiner can also be called upon when it comes to laws related to financial management and the overall financial aspect of the business.

Loan Officer

Working as a loan officer is another interesting job offer in the finance industry. Here, it is all about evaluating, authorizing, and recommending loan application approval for applicants. This aspect of the finance industry is expected to increase by 3% from 2019 to 2029. Loan officers are mostly employed by commercial banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and others.

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Other Finance Degree Job Opportunities

There are a handful of other finance degree opportunities that you can check and venture into. We have compiled some of the available job prospects below:

  • Financial planner: you can get certified in this aspect of the finance industry to help firms in designing and developing financial plans for businesses and individuals. A financial planner also helps his/her client in making financial decisions, meeting financial objectives, and having control over their finances.
  • Broker: a broker can simply to referred to as a middleman between two parties involved in a financial exchange.
  • Insurance underwriter: an insurance underwriter is expected to have proper knowledge concerning the risks related to insurance liabilities. This is to assist their firm in making proper financial decisions.
  • Bankers: bankers are a set of employees who work with financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and others. They are assigned the responsibility of assisting the firms they work for to offer financial services to customers.

Final Thoughts

The reality is that there are a bunch of job offers available for you if you are a degree holder in finance. You can work in the tax sector, banks, loan agencies, investment institutions, and more. Take some time and make some profound analysis to find the job that suits you the most.

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