How To Remove The E38 BMW Airbag Light

E38 BMW Airbag Light

How To Remove The E38 BMW Airbag Light


For some reasons people chose to do certain things by themselves, sometimes for monetary conservation, ( E38 BMW Airbag Light) other times for security purposes but then it’s not very common seeing a person try changing a E38 BMW Airbag Light.

Nevertheless, this article will give you some helpful information on how to remove the E38 BMW airbag light if need be.

There are ways discussed in this article you can utilize to walk around this and remove it without causing major damage to your car. Should any of your airbag has blown, you should replace them and this should remove the airbag light. If the fuses are good and still the light is ON, then you should check the airbag sensors.

The E38 BMW comes with two sensors located at the front and one at the back. When any of the sensors is bad or malfunctions, the airbag light will be triggered. You will need to test the sensors to determine if they’re the cause for the airbag light ON by using some tools that you can get at an auto parts store. With the tools, use the instructions there to check your sensor and see if it’s bad and needs replacement.

Is it possible to remove the E38 airbag light without tools?

The one-line answer to this question is that it depends on what is wrong with your car, there are two methods to remove the airbag light, one needs tools and the other is tool free.

In essence, the problem your car is facing determines the method to use in E38 BMW Airbag Light.

For instance, if there’s a problem with your airbag sensors, then you certainly need tools to replace it.

The airbag light may be on due to a malfunction in the system, and resetting it without a tool would only worsen the situation if it wants tools. For you to safely drive your car, you will need to take it into an automotive repair shop or use an airbag light removal service.

How do I turn off the airbag light on my BMW?

BMW indicates the airbag light only when there is fault with your car airbag system. And you will need to service this system to get everything to normal.

It’s important to take your car to a mechanic to fix this. But if you’re capable of taking this risk into your hands. You can troubleshoot and repair the problem. Furthermore, know that it’s risky to work on the airbag system as it might cause more damage to your car if you don’t know how to go about it.

Common Reason Why Your E38 BMW Airbag Light Is ON

The most causes of the airbag light ON is the airbag sensor. The sensor determines when the airbag is deployed. So, when its faulty and can’t read properly, it triggers the airbag light ON and will not deploy if need be.

Another reason for this is a problem with your car’s airbag inflator. The inflator is there to fill your airbag with air when it deploys. If the inflator is faulty or bad and can’t propel air, it will trigger the airbag light ON and will not deploy the airbag properly if need be.

Fixing E38 BMW Airbag Light On

If you have found out the fault or cause while the airbag light is ON. You can decide if it’s what you can fix yourself or get an expert to fix it. If you wish to fix it yourself, then you can follow the steps below. And also take proper observation on what you loose on the vehicle as to replace them to their original place after work.

First, get all the tools you will be needing to carry out this work and make them handy. You should have a socket, a wrench set, and other tools you might need available. You will need your PC as you might need to download some necessary repair guides from online.

Second, make sure to understand the repair process vividly. Don’t go with trial and error method. With the manual you have downloaded, follow the instructions accordingly. Failure to adhere to your car model’s fixing procedure, will cause further damage to your car.

Third, pay attention when working on the airbag system lest you cause an avoidable damage to your car. Also note that the airbag is very sensitive and if you don’t pay keen attention, you can deploy it unknowingly and injure yourself or who’s helping you.

The steps to fix the airbag is rigorous and may be not adequately detailed here. And depending on your car model, the steps to fix the airbag is rigorous. Therefore, if you are not confident that you can fix your airbag yourself. Then take it to a technician to have it repaired.

If you have followed the steps on the manual downloaded and with the tips here, you can turn off your car’s light.

Can you reset E38 BMW Airbag Light without tool?

That your E38 BMW airbag is light is ON means a fault in the airbag system and it needs reset. You might think of any means to reset the airbag light without any tool.

Yes! You can reset the airbag light without any tool. But you can only try these steps if you have fixed your airbag system or confident of the reason why your airbag light is ON.

So, if you have fixed your airbag system and the light is still ON. You can reset it by disconnecting the battery of your car for a few minutes and reconnect it. This will reset the light and the airbag will come to normal again.

However, if you have done this and the light fails to reset, then you will need a tool to have it reset. The tool you can use on this is either a code reader or scanner. This tool will help you diagnose the codes stored by your car’s airbag control module. And with the information, you can identify the fault and properly reset the airbag light.

Another means to achieve this is to get an airbag reset tool from an auto parts shop. You can check near you for an auto parts shop and ask for airbag reset tools available.

Final Thoughts on E38 BMW Airbag Light

Hopefully, the information on this article goes a long way to aid you on removing your faulty E38 BMW Airbag Light. If you’re able to use the tool to reset your airbag light. This does not mean that you have fixed the problem when you are not sure of it. Therefore, take your car to a mechanic to have them diagnosed and fixed properly.

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