Do Brake Rotors Come in Pairs?

Do Brake Rotors Come in Pairs?

Do Brake Rotors Come in Pairs?

It’s important to know if brake rotors come in pairs when you’re buying brake-related parts. We always counsel our customers to ask questions about what they don’t know. Making research like this will help you get the insight you’re seeking for. Back to the question, do brake rotors come in pairs?

If your car developed a brake issue. It might be too quick to conclude that it’s the rotors. It may be the pads that need replacement. Or there might be something causing the braking issue in your car.

Whatever the problem is, you should read on to get the knowledge needed.

When your car brake develops a fault. It might warrant you replace the brake rotors and pads. To answer the question of brake rotors come in pairs. You should know that brake pads are sold in pairs. While you can buy brake rotors singly. And when replacing your brake pads. Make sure to replace both pads of the same wheel and the same axle at once.

Having that said, let’s look at what can cause your brake to become faulty. Also, we will discuss how to maintain your car brake pads. Read on to learn more and you will probably fix your car if you had prior experience. Or you get a mechanic who can change the brake pads and the rotors.

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Can You Replace One Set Of Brakes At A Time?

Replacing your car’s set of brakes at the same time is beneficial. You might have to replace only a set of brakes. This can be of the option if only a brake had a fault or worn out. As expected, your car brakes on the same axle should worn out at the same time. And they also should be replaced at the same time. That’s to replace the pads of the two wheels on the same axle.

That means you may need to replace the brake pads on both wheels and of the same axle. You can consult the owner’s manual of your car for instructions.

How Do You Know if Your Brakes Need to be Replaced?

That your car is having a brake issue doesn’t mean your brakes need replacement. As we have seen before. There are many reasons why your car can develop brake issues. Some signs of the braking issue are a squealing sound when turning.

We can’t conclude that your brakes need replacement without the under-listed signs.

  • Sound: If you do hear squealing noise whenever you apply the brake. It can also make a different sound. Even a squeezing sound of thick nylon. Also, you may notice from the sound that your brake is pumping or working harder. With unappealing sounds coming out from your car brake. That’s a sign of a faulty brake. You should consider replacing the brake pads and rotors. A squealing is often produced by bad rotors.
  • Sight: You can also inspect your brake pads physically to see for any damage. If you didn’t inspect the brake pads that came with your car. You can go to an auto repair shop to have a look at new brake pads. Inspect them and take a look at your worn-out brake pads. If the brakes have worn out, you will know. Or if their thickness has reduced too much. They should be replaced with a new one on both wheels and the same axles.
  • Touch/Feel: When a brake pad has worn out or gotten damaged. You will notice a difference when you match the brake pedal. You can tell how your brake was functioning before. And its current function by feeling it when you match the brake pedals. If you have to force the brake pedal down harder before it catches. Then, there’s a fault with the brakes.
  • Smell: When your brake pad is damaged. If you match the brake pedal, you will perceive the smell of burning rubber. You will perceive that something is burning in the car. This smell is usually released by a damaged brake pad.

How long should you drive the Brake Pads?

As we will always advise drivers. Always monitor your car components often. How you drive the car determines how long the brake pads will last. If your car is using manual transmission. And you always downshift your gears and don’t match your brakes with force. The brake pads will last longer than when hitting the pedals hard. Also, if you have to drive down the hills too often. This will require excessive use of the brake pads. It can have them worn out faster.

With that knowledge. It is ideal to know your brake pads should last up to 50,000 miles on average. If you have driven your car for 50,000 miles and the brake pads are intact. You don’t have to replace them. You can only inspect them and see if they can go more miles.

Do you need to replace the Brake Rotors?

When replacing brake pads, you may also need to replace the rotors. The question you should ask is. How can you know when to replace the brake rotors?

The brake pads will damage more often than the rotors. That means you will often replace the miles. Then your rotor should take you up to 70,000 miles.

How to differentiate between bad Brake rotors and bad Brake pads?

If your car is making a squealing sound and you think the brake pads are faulty. It may be the brake rotors that are causing the sound. There are some signs to notice which tell the brake rotors are bad. When brake rotors have gone bad. Your car will vibrate when you match the brake pedal.

You can take a physical inspection of the brake rotors. If the rotor is not smooth and has deep ruts. Then the brake rotor should be replaced.

Are Brake Rotors Replaced in Pairs?

Brake pads are sold in pairs while brake rotors are sold singly. If your brake rotor is bad or both are bad. You will buy two rotors, each for one of the wheels. When replacing your brake pads, we recommend replacing the two wheels on the same axle. And when replacing the brake rotor, you can do so singly. That’s to replace the damaged rotor only.

Helpful Tips on replacing your Brakes

I have gathered some YouTube guides to help you replace your brake pads and rotors. If you have not done something like this before. Or you feel the process is cumbersome. You should call for the help of a professional mechanic to have them replaced.

Click the links below to visit the YouTube page. Make sure to follow the guideline step by step to replace your brakes.

  • How to Tell When Your Car Needs New Brakes – This YouTube guide directs you on how to identify bad brake pads or damaged brake rotors. If you have inspected your brakes. Or you perceived a rubber-burning smell. And the cause of the aforementioned signs is not from the brake. Then watch the video to learn more about how to identify a damaged brake. The video will take you through 5 signs that will warrant you to replace your brake.

If the guides above are not sufficient to help identify a damaged brake. Or even on how to replace a bad brake. You can search for more YouTube videos relating to damaged brakes. And how to replace them. Lastly, your mechanic is the best option to replace your bad brakes. He will inspect your brakes and know if the brake rotors need replacement too.

Final Thoughts Brake rotors come in Pairs

I believe I have explained to you that brake rotors come in pairs. No, brake rotors come singly. While the brake pads are what come in pairs. This is because it is necessary to change the two brakes of your car wheels. For instance, changing the brake pad of one front wheel. You should change the other brake pad of the same axle.

Also, you can physically inspect your brake pads to know if they’re bad. When the brake rotor is getting bad. You will hear a squealing sound when turning the car. That’s the major sign of a bad rotor.

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