Clicking Noise in the Dashboard When Car Is Off

clicking sound in the dashboard

Clicking Noise in the Dashboard When Car Is Off

Did you turn Off your car and start hearing a clicking noise in the dashboard? The noise can be so annoying. If you had your car serviced and you have everything intact. Then, where does the noise emanates from?

Cars are made up of different components. All these components work for the best of the car. So, there must be some mechanism or a component that has developed a fault. You will need to first visually inspect the car dash. If you can’t identify the cause. Then read on as we will discuss the cause of this clicking noise in the dashboard.

Why Does My Car Have A Clicking Noise on the Dashboard?

It is important to know that clicking noise in the dashboard is not a problem. It’s a sign of a problem with the car components. The cause of the clicking noise in the dashboard might have been relayed to your dash. The car system is programmed to display any fault gotten to the dash. So, clicking noise in the dashboard is something different. And you may not notice the dashboard signal.

The clicking noise in the dashboard can indicate a fault with the door engine. The transmission system or even the air conditioning system can trigger the clicking noise.

Also, when the weather settings of your car are wrong. It can trigger the clicking noise in the dashboard. You shouldn’t assume the problem of the clicking noise. Get your car diagnosed by a mechanic to find the fault and fix it.

You can quickly identify the cause of the noise by using the owner’s manual. It should direct you to basic scans to identify the fault.

Causes of Clicking Noise in Dashboard

Faulty Ac Compressor Causes Clicking Noise in Dashboard

The air conditioning system makes use of a compressor for optimum operation. The compressor functions like a pump. When the air conditioning system gets faulty. The compressor will frequently trigger ON and OFF. When the triggering ON and OFF happens frequently. It will cause a clicking noise in the dashboard.

The clicking sound will continue for a while even if the car is OFF.

How to Diagnose the Faulty AC Compressor

Before you can successfully diagnose the cause of the clicking noise in the dashboard. You should identify the cause. And what triggers the noise. When does the noise trigger? Does it occur when you turn OFF the car? When do you start your car? Or even when you drive in a pothole?

Once you have identified what triggers the clicking noise in the dashboard. You should assess the system condition. It might be difficult assessing the car system during cold temperatures. But in summer, you can do this and it will be easy.

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If the car system is affected by the weather condition. This can cause a leak in the compressor. The leak will cause the compressor to trigger ON and OFF.

How to Repair the Clicking Noise in the AC

If it’s the air conditioning that is causing the clicking noise in the dashboard. Distinguish what’s causing the clicking noise to prevent tampering with what is not the cause.

Repairing the car air conditioning system yourself will be difficult. You need prior experience. The challenge with AC leaks is that it’s difficult to spot the leaking point. So, you might need the help of a car AC engineer to have it fixed.

The leak will either be mended or replaced by the engineer.

Loose or Old Dash Cover Triggers Clicking Noise in Dashboard

Your old dash cover can also trigger the clicking noise in the dashboard. When your dash cover becomes old. When you drive in potholes, it will make a clicking noise.

You will often notice this in a second-hand car. If your car is second-hand, it shouldn’t worry you that much.

How to Diagnose A Loose Dash Cover

You don’t need any special tool to have your dash cover diagnosed. All you need is your sense of hearing and sight. You can drive around a rough road and pay attention to where the noise emanates from. You may drive with your friend to help you listen also. When you notice where the noise is high. You can hold it with your hands to confirm that’s the cause of the noise.

How Can I Repair Loose Dash Cover?

Tighten the Loose Screws

You can fix your dash cover if you have the prior idea. Get a screwdriver to tighten the dash screws. This will fix it for a while. You can call your mechanic to help you fix it.

Apply Tape To Fix the Clicking Noise in the Dashboard

If the dash cover is too old and has worn out much. Screw only may not hold it firm. So, you might need tape to support it.

The tape will help seal the dash cover properly. But this is a temporary fix to a loose dash cover.

Install Gap Trim To Fix Clicking Noise in Dashboard

You can buy a Gap Trim and install it to stop the clicking noise in the dashboard. Though gap trim is costly, the work is worth it. Visit an Autor-repair shop and request the all-fit-option gap trim. This will make your car interior look new and also resolve the clicking noise.

Some other components in the car that can cause the clicking sound is the stepper motor, heat control, and the relay.

You can have your mechanic diagnose this and fix them.

Final Thoughts on Clicking Noise in Dashboard.

The clicking noise in the dashboard can signify many things. And the persistent noise is something that will disturb your peace. If the noise persists, you should call your mechanic.

The clicking noise in the dashboard may mean a fault with the stepper motor, the relay, or even the AC.

You shouldn’t go ahead to replace any part of your car. You should consult your owner’s manual. This will guide you so as not to hamper your car’s condition.

Lastly, regularly servicing your car will prevent this issue from arising. Also, avoid idling for a long period as this will affect the battery life.


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