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Car And Lock Symbol

Meaning Of The Car And Lock Symbol

This Is What The Car and Lock Symbol Means

When you activate the anti-theft system in your car, the car and lock symbols show up. The anti-theft system is one of the systems built in a car for security purposes and authenticity. The car is capable of repelling any forcible entry into it and also preventing it from being stolen. This will also trigger the car’s security safety measures when the car and lock symbol is ON. However, you can also get locked out of your car by this system.

Let you see this sign on your car out of nowhere and you’re worried about it and what could have caused it. We are to discuss it and how you can bypass it. Other factors like low battery and a damaged immobilizer can trigger the car and lock sign other than theft.

What Is An Immobilizer?

You may be confused about what an immobilizer is. Well, most cars manufactured since 1999 have immobilizers. An immobilizer is one of the special features integrated with your vehicle for security reasons.

The immobilizer can alter your car’s mechanisms and thereby trigger the “car and lock” symbol. The purpose of the immobilizer is to deactivate your car engine so it doesn’t start with the wrong key. The immobilizer locks your car up automatically when a wrong key is inserted into your ignition point. Preventing it from starting or moving.

When this happens, your car becomes immobilized (i.e. unable to move). Then the “car and lock” symbol will be activated and blink continuously.

It is not only key cars that have the car and lock sign. It is also found in keyless ignition cars. This is to say that even without a key, the symbol can also be activated on your car. it can also be activated when your battery power runs low.

Just as stated earlier, the immobilizer takes charge when it senses an unusual signal from key insertion and automatically activates the car and lock sign.  An immobilizer affects your car mechanism in charge of the anti-theft system.

The immobilizer can carry out this task because cars are wired electronically. That is to say that some codes are processed when a key is inserted to start your car and if the processed codes don’t match the programmed codes. The anti-lock system will lock the car to prevent it from turning ON. This applies to keyless ignition too. Thus, you’ll have to keep your keys handy to read the code when you’re about to start your car.

Why Your Lights Stay On When The Key Is Close

In your key fob area, there is a transponder chip. This transponder is meant to send codes to the immobilizer. This is why your key must be nearer to the immobilizer to capture the code. Even when your key is near, your car may be locked up by the immobilizer system in some cases. And this will result in displaying the car and lock symbol.

Low Battery

Your immobilizer can trigger the car and lock symbol if your car battery is low. This happens because your car system happens to lose the memory of your car key when your battery runs down. So even if your key is inserted into your ignition point your car won’t recognize it and this will consequently trigger the car and lock symbol ON.

Bad Key

If by mistake you hit your car key against a wall or it scratches on a metal or the chip becomes faulty (for keyless ignition). Any defect or configuration that happens to your car key will result in the “car and lock symbol” being displayed because your car won’t be able to recognize your key.

Damaged Immobilizer

If your immobilizer gets damaged, it can trigger the car and lock symbol. This might be the fault with your car if the car and lock sign is persistent. It means your immobilizer is damaged and needs to be fixed as it can no longer receive codes.

Damaged Car Door Lock

A forced entry detected by your car security system is the reason why the “car and lock “symbol will be triggered. Your car security breach preventive measures will be triggered, the immobilizer will take charge and your car engine will get locked.

If your car door is faulty and doesn’t open at ease, the car and lock symbol will be displayed when you apply force on the door trying to open it. This is because the anti-theft system can’t differentiate between your damaged car door and a forced entry since it is an AI.

How To Bypass Your Car’s Anti-Theft System

If your car anti-theft system gets you locked out of your car or it refuses to start. Here are some things you can do in order to control your car again.

  1. If the car and lock symbol is triggered because your car battery is low. To get into your car you have to get your battery charged. It should be replaced if it is drained.
  2. Replacing your bad car key can help you get into your car again. This has been tested and confirmed by many drivers and car owners. In an emergency, this can be stressful. So, you should change your car keys as they get older to prevent such situations.
  3. You should get your immobilizer fixed by a professional if it is the cause of why the car and lock symbol is triggered. This can also apply when your car door gets damaged.

F.A.Q What does a car with a lock symbol mean?

How Do I Get My Car Out Of Theft Mode?

  1. You can unlock the driver’s door with your car key, there’s a key to access the driver’s door even in a keyless entry car.
  2. To unlock it, hold the unlock tab of your car key for about 30 seconds.

What does a car with a lock symbol mean on a Chevy?

On a Chevy, the car and lock sign mean that there has been a breach attempt on your car security system. So, the system that locks your car from starting has been triggered by the immobilizer.

What does the key symbol mean on BMW?

If the car and lock sign is shown on the instrument cluster in your BMW and the park light blinks continuously. It means your car is not going to start because your car doesn’t recognize your key again. Also, if you see a yellow light on your BMW when you’re driving, it means that your engine is unable to recognize your key and it will likely lock your car up when you stop.

What Does DTE Mean In A Car?

What does this dash light mean for a car with a lock on it?

The car and lock symbol only comes up whenever your car’s anti-theft system is triggered. When the anti-theft system is active on your car, it will prevent it from starting. So, the first thing to do here is try deactivating the security system to bypass the anti-theft.

How do you trigger an anti-theft system?

  1. The anti-theft security will be activated automatically If you open your car bonnet, door, or trunk without a key or remote control.
  1. The anti-theft security system will also be triggered if you try to turn your car ignition ON with another key.

Does the anti-theft light blink all the time?

The anti-theft sign blinks only when your car system detects an improper intrusion. You can turn this off by locking your car doors when it is not in motion.

What does a car with a lock on it mean Toyota?

When you see this sign on your Toyota, it means that your car anti-theft system has been triggered and you’ll be unable to start your car if you don’t have your key fob.


At this point, we have discussed all that surrounds the cause of the car and the lock symbol on your car. The symbol means that your car’s anti-theft security system has been triggered by an unrecognized activity that might cause a security breach. So, your car will be immobilized and you can only access it after you’ve resolved the issue.

If your car is a keyless one, you will need your car key nearer to deactivate the anti-theft system. on a car parked in a two-way zone, the car and lock symbol are a regular occurrence. It is also the same as a towed car.

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