Everything About Acura B12 Service


Everything To Know About The Acura B12 Service

Are you confronted with the Acura B12 Service warning on your Acura car? And you’re on the verge of taking your Acura B12 for servicing but how much this process might cost you worries you. You’ve taken the right step as making research about things we do not know is wise.

So, I can assure you that you’re in the right spot. In this article, we’re going to discuss extensively every necessary thing you need to know about the Acura B12 service. This guide will provide you with the right information to make the right decision. So, you can know what to expect if you visit an auto repair shop and by so doing align it with your budget.

Let’s go into the details and analyze all that you need to know about the Acura B12 Service.

What Is the Acura B12 Service?

On Acura cars, the B12 service is a car maintenance procedure that is scheduled to be done every year on Acura cars. Or rather let us say it is supposed to be done after you have covered 15,000 miles with your car. So, whether it is a year or not, once your car mile reader shows 15,000 miles you will have to visit an auto repair shop for maintenance service.

During this procedure, you will have your Acura oil and filter changed. Your tire rotation rate will also be adjusted. A physical inspection will be carried out on your car to check for any possible damage to the car’s components. The purpose of the B12 maintenance check is to keep your car performing properly even after a long drive.

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A Breakdown of The Service

Let us take a look at all that will be done to your car during the B12 maintenance process.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the B12 maintenance procedure is to keep your car on a stable performance after being used for a long period. So, you must carry out this maintenance process on your Acura. It will prevent your engine from knocking, keep your car in a healthy state, and also reduce fuel consumption.

Replace Engine Oil and Filter

To keep your car performing well, you need to change your car’s oil and filter from time to time. This is because your car’s engine oil lubricates and cools your car engine while the filter filters dirt particles from the oil.

The oil in your car will at some point become weak as you continue using it. When this happens, your car won’t get enough lubrication as required. Also, when your filter gets too old without your replacing it, it gets clogged with a lot of dirt, so it won’t be able to filter the oil appropriately. If things continue this way, it can cause very severe damage to your engine core if some of these dirt particles find their way to your engine.

In essence, you’ll not only extend your car engine life by regularly changing the oil and filter. You’re at the same time protecting it from any possible knocks.

Inspect and Top Off All Fluid Levels

During the B12 maintenance process, the mechanic will observe your engine fluid level and make any changes necessary. These corrections can vary depending on the brake fluid, windshield, power steering, transmission, coolant, hydraulic clutch, and battery.

Set Tire Pressure to Factory Specs

Your car’s handling and performance will certainly improve with the B12 Acura service. Also, this process will have your tires inflated as they should be. It will cost you in the form of a high fuel consumption rate, increased braking distance, and more if your car tires are not inflated properly.

Talking about how to reset your tires to “factory spec”. This implies that the tire inflation level and pressure will be according to your dealer’s specifications. To know the recommended pressure for your car tire, you have to check your owner’s manual or the sticker pasted at the driver’s door side.

Checking your car tire pressure often is necessary as it can help save you from any problems in the future that can be caused by an underinflated tire.

Rotate Tires

Rotating your car tires implies that your tire positions be interchanged. In this process, the rear tires will come to the front and those in front will go to the rear. This is to help reduce the wear and tear of your tires. Some of your tires will wear out before others if you do not rotate them.

To accommodate pressure evenly, your car tires need to be rotated.

Inspect Front Brakes, Pads, Discs, And Calipers

Your car brakes, pads, discs, and calipers will be checked during the Acura B12 process. though this recommendation can be seen on your auto-maintenance schedule. All these components of your car must be checked. A failed brake might lead you to run into a law enforcement agency or you can even pay an insurance cover you could have avoided if your car components were in a good state.

Inspect Brake Hoses and Lines for Cracks or Leaks

Inspecting your brake hoses for cracks and leaks is important. This is because if your brake hoses have a crack or leak, the brake fluid will be wasted and when this happens, there will be an inefficient supply of fluid to the brakes and this will result in having a stiff brake.

Inspect the Adjustment of The Parking Brake

The inspections done on the B16 can also be done when carrying out the B12 service. Your parking brake has to be checked for proper adjustments. If your parking brake is not properly adjusted, you will find it difficult to park your car as it will roll off by itself.

Inspect Suspension-Mounting Bolts

Your suspension mounting bolts should also be inspected properly to ensure that the suspension component is tightened firmly. Your suspension won’t be efficient if you have a loose suspension bolt. This component is very important for your car’s longevity and the tires as well.

Inspect the Condition of Exhaust Pipes and Muffler

Many drivers remember to pay attention to their exhaust pipes only when they begin to exhale dark smoke.

The mechanic is supposed to check your car exhaust components when carrying out the B12 service on your Acura. This is necessary as it might have been damaged or punctured for use and may need welding or replacement. The mechanic can simply observe the exhaust and muffler physically for any holes, damage, or cracks.

Additionally, if your exhaust pipe releases a distorting sound, it needs to be checked because that’s a sign that something is faulty.

Inspect The Power Steering System

For complete information about the Acura B12 services, you’ll need to inspect your power steering frequently. Inspection here implies that you check the fluid level and condition, and check the hoses and their connection. Ensure that there are no leaks or damage. If you observe any of these, fix them as soon as possible.

Inspect Steering Operation, Tie Rod And Ends, Steering Rack, And Boots

The steering system of your car should be inspected by your mechanic. Its operation should be checked, including the tie rod and ends, the steering rack, and the boots.

Inspect All Drive Belts

For the smooth operat5ion of your car, you should inspect your driving belts to check if they have worn out or should be replaced.

Lube All Hinges And Latches

The hinges and latches on your car door should be lubricated during the Acura B12 procedure. This will help your car doors to open at ease without hardening. You can do this by yourself with the WD-40 lubricant oil.

Inspect And Replace The Air Filter If Necessary

If your air filter is clogged, dirty, or damaged it should be changed. The HVAC system efficiency is improved by a clean air filter. This can also increase your car’s MPG.

Inspect Air Conditioning System For Efficiency

You are supposed to inspect your car’s air conditioning system for any possible faults. To prevent any possible issues, your AC should be inspected when you take it for the B12 service even if it is in good condition. The freon level and compressor will be checked by the mechanic who also checks the gas hoses to see if every connection is intact.

Your car’s air conditioning system will be improved and possible issues will be avoided with this inspection

Inspect Battery Connections

If there is any corrosion on your battery terminal, it will reduce the current supply from your battery. So, you must check your battery terminals for any corrosion and clean them if there is any.

Inspect All Hose Clamps And Coolant System

Your mechanic checks your clamps and coolants to ensure that there are no leaks or damages. The radiator, heater hoses, and every coolant hose present should be checked. Any cracks or punctures found should be replaced.

Inspect All Lights And Accessories

Your car lights should be inspected during the Acura B12 service. Your car light connections will be checked to ensure that they are properly fitted. Other accessories on your car like the wipers and turn signals should be checked as well.

How Much Does The Acura B12 Service Cost?

Due to location and service differences, we can’t tell you the exact amount an Acura B12 service will cost. We can only estimate the cost from our personal experiences. So, the cost of the Acura B12 service can range from $300 to $400. But you should check other auto repair shops to determine the cost.

How to Cut Cost on Acura B12 Service

How To Check Maintenance Minder On An Acura?

To know the remaining oil level on your car, you should check the Maintenance Minder on your Acura with the select/reset knob on your dash. The maintenance minder warning gets activated when your car shows 15%.

How To Reset The Service Light On An Acura B12 Service

With your car’s owner’s manual, you can do this with ease.

MDX, RL, and TL are among the Acura models that have this B12 warning light and they all share the same resetting style.

Let’s see how to do that.

  1. Tap and hold the “Select/Reset” button on the instrument panel.
  2. Turn your ignition “ON” without starting the engine.
  3. Now, tap and release the “Select/Reset” button again.
  4. To show that it has been reset, the Acura B12 service light should blink twice.
  5. Now start your car and check if the service light has gone off.

If the light comes up again after some minutes or refuses to go off in the first place, you need to visit a mechanic to know what’s wrong with your car.

When Do I Have To Service My Acura?

You should service your Acura every 7,500 miles or 12 months. Though, some people still haven’t deviated from the old rule of 3,000 miles, while some service theirs after 12,000 miles. But you should know that the general guideline is 7,500 miles. Your car owner manual to explain this better.

Since Acura cars come with the Maintenance Minder tool, you can also use it to check when your car needs servicing.

Depending on how often you hit the road with your car and the places you drive in. You should service your car just as you drive it and get involved in a traffic jam from time to time.

How Long To Drive With B12 Service Notice?

The truth is that there is no stated time frame that you should continue using your car after the B12 service light is displayed. You should simply visit an auto repair shop the moment you see the service light on. But if it happens you don’t have the money for the service at the moment you saw it, you can continue using your car for about 1,000 miles or approximately one month.

You have to make sure you service your car as soon as you can once you see the service warning. Because it will cost you more to fix it if it breaks down completely.

Honda Dealer ACURA B12 SERVICE

Let you pull a surprise on you; did you know that Acura is a Honda branch? Yes, it is, so when you see the Acura B12 service light ON, you can also visit a nearby dealership for proximity purposes. Their service is identical to that of Acura and will cost you just the same amount of money.

Independent Honda/Acura repair shop

Independent Honda/Acura repair shops charge less than the dealers themselves. So, it is also nice to patronize them for a quality service accompanied by a lesser cost.

National chains like Firestone, Monro, or SNIDER

Though getting a national repair shop is uneasy, if by luck you get any, it means you have a big chance of fixing your car at a lesser cost.


The cheapest option on our list so far is to “Do It Yourself” (DIY) this will help you cut a lot of costs as you can service your car with less than $100 and some work time. For convenience purposes, you can consider doing this over the weekend.

Conclusion On ACURA B12 SERVICE

So far, we have been able to discuss all that we can about the Acura B12 service. We have been able to discuss that it is an all-around check and fixing of your car. This is after you’ve used your car for about 12 months or 15,000 miles. As we discussed, dealership shops charge more than independent shops. So, it is left for you to decide which one you want to go for since both render the same service.

These and more are the things to consider to make your decision and align it with your budget or you can simply “Do It Yourself” with less than $100.

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